Sound for Thought

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If you visited my studio, more often than not, you would probably hear some droning, ethereal soundscapes rising to the ceiling. I have been a fan of electronic music since I realized it helped me focus on my Math homework in middle school. Always one to explore the influences and history behind subjects that interest me, I have compiled some tracks that serve as an introduction to past and present soundsmiths. This was going to be a mixtape and I might still put one together for you all. That would be pretty nice of me wouldn’t it.

Would there be ambient music without Brian Eno? I’ve been getting really into all things Eno recently. He has put out tons of albums, from experimental rock n roll following his departure from Roxy Music to his atmosphere and soundscape work that continues to this day. No this track isn’t ambient or electronic but it is my current favorite.

Tangerine Dream are also very influential in laying the foundation for electronic music. They were one of the earliest groups to use sequencers. I also really love the sound of the Mellotron, which they use a lot.

One of my favorite new sound composers would have to be Tim Hecker. He recorded much of his new album, Ravedeath, 1972, at a church in Reykjavik, Iceland and you can almost feel the vastness of the space in the reverb. This is the full album.

Alva Noto programs electronic sound and usually compliments it with computerized visuals. While some are beautiful and spacious like the track above, some sound more like the inside of a computer or some other kind of electronic data system. Beginners should check out the XERROX albums.

Another group I really enjoy is Sundrips. I would have to say their name and sound are a perfect combination. Very good stuff but they are also very protective of their material. They usually only post excerpts of their songs.

UPDATE: So after putting this together I was reading about Tim Hecker and came across this guy named Ben Frost who helped him produce Ravedeath, 1972. Similar ambient tones and electronic filtering of sound plus some of the heaviest, most powerful instrumental moments I have heard in years. Also, to bring this post full circle, Brian Eno has seen so much potential in this guy that he has decided to personally mentor him.


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No More Style

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This was a year of remarkable achievement for me. From the very first week [and a couple weeks proceeding the New Year] I was in the studio recording the first album with my band Tigerfox. We had only been a band for about 4 months but we wrote enough material to record an LP and were blessed to be able to record those songs in a real studio by a professional producer. We hit some rocky times during the mixing process and saw members leave the band but kept working on the album in hopes that we could still release it while preserving the direction and concept that we had started with in the first place.

Once we were happy with the recordings we started searching for ways of funding the pressing of the album. We knew we wouldn’t be able to raise the money for the whole process on our own and eventually agreed on starting a Kickstarter campaign. With the direction of our friend Esteban Garcia and the support of our friends and family we were able to reach our goal and send the album out for pressing.

While we were waiting for the album to be shipped we started working on the cover. Above is the first idea for cover art which I later revised in to the design you know today. From the very start I had wanted this to be a bold, bright design that would translate very well to my craft as a screenprinter. The process of printing on pre-assembled blank covers with spines posed a challenge but I developed a system to produce the results I required for marketable packaging.

A lot of work went into printing the 3-color front, 2-color back but as you can see we had lots of help from friends. It didn’t even feel like work. It was more like a ritual where everyone could be a part of creating something from nothing.

In the end I am very proud of the over-all product we made. The fact that we formed a band, released an album recorded by us and made the packaging with our own hands in the span of one year is an accomplishment of which I am very proud and that I will never forget. Stream and purchase the album at our bandcamp site below. Special thanks to Jeff Anderson, Esteban Garcia, Max Campbell and Joe Yakimicki and any others that have helped us put this record out.

October Country

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This year has been weird. Well the weather has been at least. From a Winter that didn’t snow to an early Spring and then one of the hottest Summers ever recorded and now it seems like the usual rainy, grey Fall has descended on us out of nowhere. Honestly I’m ready for it, excited even. As someone always searching for inspiration to stay creative, nothing affects me more than the turning of the seasons. So as a recollection for myself of some illustrations I came across last winter and an inspiration to anyone that might need a visual boost to prepare them for our passage away from the Sun I decided to put this blog together real quick.

These are a few illustrations by Joseph Mugnaini for a book called October Country by Ray Bradbury. Joseph Mugnaini is best known for his cover work and illustrations he did for Bradbury. Something about these pictures just make everything about the weather today feel totally normal.

More Halloween posts and archived print can be found at And Everything Else Too.

A Place for Teeth

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If I asked you to name local record labels and the genres they put out you would probably just stare at me and then maybe say ‘Oi the Boat!’ Or you would say that you didn’t know there were any labels at all. Well there is actually a doom/death/black metal label called Sanctum Abyss who are putting out limited-run tape releases of bands they enjoy or have covered with their blog, Blackened Slugs. I have worked with Nick on packaging and extras for a couple of their releases, the most recent being this bag of teeth, on which I printed the Battle Path logo, for the first 25 customers. So what are you waiting for? Head over to their store now and buy some tapes.

Sweatshirt Weather

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We all know that summer is over. The students have returned to town. The windows are open and the AC is turned off. Labor Day, chilly nights and the leaves changing color are right around the corner. I figured I would do a run-down of sweatshirt options early this year for those thinking bout having some printed and for people that are planning on buying one soon.

Everyone knows this sweatshirt. It is your standard pull-over hooded sweatshirt. Give it a wash. Stretch it out. Order up a size. You know how it goes. These are very affordable, come in over 30 colors and a variety of weights. See also: Pull-over Crew

Next up is the American Apparel Flex Fleece Zip Hoody. Solid fit, bright colors and the obvious white strings and metal zipper, you know this hoody when you see it. This season it comes in 29 colors so you are sure to find the one you are looking for. See also: Tri-blend Hoody Women’s Hoody Dress

A new company to the game is Independent Trading Co. These hoods are the top-tier of wholesale blank hoods. They fit a little large, are very well constructed and won’t leave you out in the cold until December. They also come in a wide variety of colors. Pull-over and zippie available along with a few other varieties and weights. See also: Pull-over Crew

Johnny Rad Fest 2012

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I’m going to California this week to play Johnny Rad Fest with my band Tigerfox. This will be my third time playing the fest but the first with Tigerfox. We have a new album that will be out in a matter of days [probably not in time for our trip though] and are very excited to play for a lot of new people that probably have never even heard of us. Right now we are halfway thru the process of screening our covers.

A friend of mine recorded this time-lapse video of all of us in action. We did 450 prints in about 3 1/2 hours, drank some beers and had fun doing it. A big thanks to everyone that helped.

For more Tigerfox go to our label page at

Psychic Twin

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I printed these shirts for Psychic Twin yesterday. It was a four-color discharge print. It is a perfect example of how discharge inks react with tri-blend fabrics and synthetics in general. The discharge agent only affects the cotton fibers in the material while the synthetics remain unchanged. The result is a somewhat see-thru, vintage heather look yet still vibrant, and soft. Below you can see what color the inks were before the discharge. They definitely brighten up a lot after they are cured.

My friend Jonny started playing drums with Psychic Twin recently and my band, Tigerfox, plan on playing our record release show with them in late August. They have a new 7″ coming out soon and just released this new video that you can watch below.

Psychic Twin: “The Deepest Part” from Justine B. on Vimeo.

Old Blog Posts

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‘Now Printing Koozies’ Fri Apr 20 2012 2:36PM
This is just a quick rate sheet for basic orders. Can print up to 4-color and will have price breaks with larger orders. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

‘One Month In’ Fri Apr 13 2012 10:45AM
I know it’s been awhile since I updated the site. Been in the new shop/studio for about a month and have been completely slammed with all kinds of orders. Please bear with me if it takes me a day or two to get back to you with a quote or to confirm that your order has processed. I’ve been printing about one job per day and that only leaves a few hours for design work and correspondence. BUT if you would like to stop by and go over your order in person feel free to email me and we can set up an appointment. I really appreciate all the support from everyone. I never imagined things would take off like this. Thank you.

‘Progress’ Fri Feb 3 2012 2:44PM
Last January I set a goal to overhaul the process in which we print our shirts by the end of the year. I wanted to be capable of printing everything with discharge/water base ink. Well here we are, in 2012, and we’ve already printed some 600-700 shirts using the discharge process. Thanks to everyone who ordered shirts and trusted us to work these inks into our everyday printing system. From the raw discharge one-color job for the Woodstove Flapjacks to the 300 4-color prints for ioSafe‘s CES 2012 Demo. I really believe we are offering the best shirts in Lafayette and probably the region. Why would you order from anyone else? More detail photos below.

‘X-mas Gifts’ Thurs Dec 1 2011 1:49PM
OK I at least waited until Dec 1st to talk about Christmas on here but have had this idea in my head for a few weeks. Let’s face it, finding the right gift for some people is a pain and spending money on some random ‘gift’ in a store sometimes doesn’t even feel very genuine. So I am going to offer a sale on single printed shirts for the next 2 weeks. $18.00 for a single shirt with a 1-color print of your design or idea and discounts on multiple shirts [extra colors are an additional cost]. The deadline is Dec 15th for art submissions which will give me a week to print all the orders [I don’t want to be printing on X-mas eve this year]. Email me with any ideas or questions and keep in mind I can print on many different types of clothing. I’m trying to make this easy on you.

‘Velvet Underground Boutique’ Thurs Dec 1 2011 12:57PM
In the past couple weeks I have been getting a lot of good feedback about the Fall line of shirts and sweatshirts. Now you can see and purchase them without having to track me down and meet up. They are set up at Velvet Underground Boutique located at 1024 Main St. in downtown Lafayette and will be on display thru the end of the year. The New designs are fully stocked with at least one shirt per size SM-2X. Along with the new prints are some classics including a couple Still Lafing, some Native prints and a stack of test print shirts that are only $5 a piece. Velvet Underground also carries a wide variety of nearly new vintage pieces for guys and girls and are a great addition to our growing downtown scene. Make sure you check them out in your holiday shopping. They are open Mon-Sat 10:30-6:30. [click on ‘store’ for online sales]

‘th’EMPIRES…want your gold’ Mon Oct 17 2011 2:06PM
I’ve worked with Eddy a couple times in the past doing t-shirts but for this job he sent me the American Apparel catalog pictures of their hot shorts with his logo positioned on the picture how he wanted them and asked if I could print something like that. I knew I could fit them on my junior platten and that using a waterbased ink would make for very wearable piece of intimate band merch. They look almost exactly how the mock-up looked. Then it only seemed like it was a day or two after he picked them up that he sent me a pic of the photoshoot for my portfolio. To hear th’Empires raw brand of high-energy rockabilly head over to their website and check out their store where you can pre-order their new 7″.

‘Foamcity’ Sun Oct 16 2011 10:45PM
There has been lots of creative momentum in Lafayette in the past couple years. Seems like all my friends have cool projects they work on and it often amazes me how perfectly all our interests work together. Now there is a place to see these interactions overlap all under one roof. Located downtown on 3rd St. in the old industrial area sits a huge, old, dusty warehouse that seems like it was destined to be used for this purpose. We are naming it Foamcity as a homage to a business that used to be located on that street and because that is what we have called that area of warehouses for the past couple years. For now, though, there is plenty of restoration work to be done to get the place up and running. For more info and to see how you may be a part, check out the website we have been working on,

‘FALL 2011 – End Times’ Mon Sept 12 2011 9:26PM
Here is the newly finished fall line for 2011. Going to be offering the sweatshirts on pre-order thru Saturday the 24th. I don’t plan on keeping much stock [probably just some t-shirts] so if you want something make sure you order it. I will get paypal buttons set-up shortly, I just want to get this up so you can see your options. And I picked out some really nice garments for this run, super-heavy sweatshirts and the softest ring-pun cotton jersey tees. Also trying to keep the prices reasonable [I want you to rep my stuff] so you can buy it if you like it and tell everyone where you got it. Thanks all. Revelation 13:18…

‘Don’t sweat it.’ Tues Aug 2 2011 11:21AM
Ah Benchmark, the scene of so many Lafayette summer memories. Your cloudy, filthy water. Late night swims in your clothes [or no clothes]. Rotting puke in the trash can. Life destroying sunburns and hungover 4th of July case races. Your memories [or lack there of] can now be worn proudly with our new Benchmark t-shirt. Printed with the softest inks on American Apparel fine-jersey and limited with only 22 made. You may purchase by contacting me in person with cash, Paypal and I will ship or stop in any of the Amused Clothing stores. They will now be stocking Mine-us designs with 4 more to be released in the coming 2 weeks.

‘CVLTS European Tour’ Thurs July 28 2011 8:37PM
I’ve been using Twitter recently to record my progress on my current print jobs and to meet other designers, printers, musicians and artists. Last month I tweeted that I was listening to CVLTS and a few minutes later they emailed me about printing their European tour posters. I jumped at the chance to print for a band that I enjoy listening to and that would take my prints to the other side of the planet. It was also a challenge for me and involved some techniques I had never done before. Some firsts on this job are that it is the largest paper print I have ever printed @ 18″x24″, it is the most detailed halftone I have ever done on any surface and it was my first time exposing a 305 mesh screen. So for those of you that think Twitter is for nerds, well you may be right but this experience has shown me how small the world has become. Check out CVLTS and Paul who designed the poster. More photos below.

exposure from underneath

larger exposure table

drying in shop

test/scrap prints

‘500 ioSafe oven mitts’ Wed June 29 2011 2:03PM
My friend Johnny at KL Security asked me to give him a quote for a 2-color print on 500 oven mitts for ioSafe. I had never printed anything like an oven mitt but knew it was possible. The troubling variables were the thickness, softness and tendency of the print to float on multilayer objects on the 2nd-3rd ink layer. I bought a short-sleeve pallet that fit the glove perfectly and then used clamps to keep the print area tight. After a couple tests on sweatshirt hoods I was rolling. So here you have it, 3 days work in 74 seconds. I just remembered how much my hands were aching from those clamps, OUCH! Thanks to Chad Rainey for the video editing and Johnny for getting me the work.

‘TV GHOST LIVE DVD’ Wed June 29 2011 11:41AM
This is a collection of live TV Ghost footage filmed and edited by Jeremiah Beaver. Footage spans from 09-10. Was shot in the states and during their European tour. Very raw and gritty but still has decent audio. I printed the dvd faces. More info and videos at Last Day. preview below.

‘beast business’ Mon May 2 2011 2:00PM
Finally got around to printing my business cards last week. I fit both layers on one screen and printed both off in a reasonable amount of time. I am planning on offering this as a service for whoever is interested. Keep in mind this is a screenprint. As you can see by the targets on the image above, each layer is printed separately and has to be lined up for each print. It may not be the best idea for some people/designs but for those wanting a handmade, one-of-a-kind card to represent what you do, this method is the perfect choice. Email your idea/questions and I will get back to you with a quote.

‘devilweed’ Wed Apr 20 2011 4:20PM
My buddy Zeno recently asked me to print this for him, black on black, without the white circle behind it. So I printed it, posted the picture on the nets like usual, and then got a lot of hits on it. So I figured I would offer it for a limited time. I’m not going to make a paypal button or anything but if you want one let me know. I will keep it on screen for about a week or so. 20 bones. send it to my paypal. same as my email.

‘R E Europe’ Tues Apr 5 2011 6:24PM
Revenge Eternal is a new audio/visual project Esteban and I are working on along with Jordan Cleland. It is a move away from the tight, recognizable shows we had been performing and embraces freedom and improvisation. It is also an outlet for Esteban to unveil his mastery of computer visual coding. We have also been accepted to play on a world stage at the Live Performers Meeting in Rome, Italy. All our accommodations will be paid for we just need to get there. SO we made hand-dyed full-front printed shirts to sell to raise money for travel expenses. By purchasing not only are you getting a one of a kind shirt, you are sending us to share our art with the world. Click HERE for more images and info on how to purchase.

‘BEHEMOTH’ Thurs Mar 31 2011 10:17PM
There is a zine in town. Did you read that right? Yes, there is a zine in Lafayette. I know some of you might have heard of one those. Some of you might have actually read one or even own one. But for the first time in a long time a few of this towns finest visual artists are actually putting one out AND having a release party. BEHEMOTH will be released, for free, this Sunday at the Black Sparrow so make sure you are there. Who knows how many years will pass before another event like this will happen. Jeremiah will also be screening the new Television Ghost video along with other video work from years past.

‘Minivans practice’ Fri Feb 25 2011 4:28PM
So the record release show last weekend was a great time and the Minivans set was totally insane. It had all of the energy of one of their early basement shows and as much flying liquid and broken glass as any AJ Wingers show. I will upload footage as it turns up. Until then here is a video of them practicing in my basement. [this is where I make all my screens!]

‘Minivans on vinyl’ Wed Feb 9 2011 5:59PM
Minivans are finally on vinyl. By far one of the most insane and enjoyable bands to witness in Lafayette, the Minivans almost seemed cursed to never release a note on wax. Well here we are some 8(?) years later and its finally happened. Thanks to everyone that helped get this project finished. Esteban for working with me on the cover design and Oi the Boat Records for the tacos and helping hang all 500 prints to dry. Oh and this is my first 2-color paper print and I am very happy the results.

‘Lafayette Natives’ Wed Jan 19 2011 5:19PM
I’ve wanted to make some Native American styled prints ever since i drove back from San Diego thru the southwest 2 years ago. I have felt somewhat haunted by the beautiful emptiness of the area. I finally put all those thoughts and ideas into a couple of new shirts. One shirt states ‘Where have all the natives gone?’ speaking as much to the disappearance of the native indians as to the loss of creative minds and youthful energy in my town.

‘no news is good news’ Fri Dec 3 2010 6:13PM
Been busy as hell and havent posted anything in quite a while so this is just to let you know what I’ve been up to. Just over a month ago I bought a new computer. Got a Macbook and I love it. Just spent the entire afternoon working on some super secret holiday release designs [above is just a taste] in the comfort and warmth of my bedroom, on my bed. Also this computer can process Illustrator files in real time without a single glitch so I am beginning to use that program at its full potential. In 2011 I plan on consistently releasing badass designs while advancing the technical side of my prints [bigger, softer, greener]. Last but not least, everyone make sure they are extra good up until X-mas. I plan on giving out some gifts this year to those who are interested. Alright click away!

‘Mike Reeb promo video’ Fri Dec 3 2010 3:37PM
Mike came over the other night and shot some pics and footage while I printed his shirts. Above is the finished video edited by Mike and featuring his music. He has a brand new album out. It has a very real and earnest sound to it. Sounds like you are in the same room as Mike and the couple guest musicians. Click here to jump to his site and check it out. Can any of you guess what the building is on the cover of the new album??

‘green is good’ Thurs Sept 16 2010 11:31AM
Researching water-based inks is becoming a daily obsession of mine. I cannot wait to offer this service. The first and most obvious reason is that a shirt that is printed with water-based ink is more comfortable. Which will make you, as my customer, more happy. But the more I research the more I find that water-based inks are made of mostly natural ingredients, cheaper and are less harmful to the environment and to myself. Why then was it nearly abandoned by every printer in the US for plastic-based inks in the early 80’s? Greed. Using water-based inks has a MUCH slower production rate. But now that protecting the environment has become a major issue AND that they produce a better product, some printers are making the switch back to water-based. I am going to start testing some products now and hope to have a full water-based setup and price scale ready by the new year. The full-size gas dryer pictured above may be years off but the switch must begin somewhere. I owe that to you and especially to my own health.

‘Artisan Electric Promo’ Wed Sept 15 2010 11:06AM
I’ve done shirts for Chris and Artisan Electric before but this project was a little different. Chris told me he wanted promo shirts. Lots of promo shirts. But in order to get them out and worn around town they had to be more than just a company logo. Something the younger generation would be into. The smiley outlet was the first idea but it needed a quote to go with it. A double entendre. Finally instead of using some crappy cheapo tee that you will prob end up using to clean up a spilled beer or pet accident, Chris went with a fitted combed cotton shirt. A shirt you will actually enjoy wearing. Overall this was a really fun project to work on and i look forward to seeing these shirts popping up here and there for years to come.

‘BOB RUN’ Wed Sept 15 2010 10:31AM
Labor Day weekend ABATE Indiana held its Bob Run and like every other event they do, they needed shirts. So Chuc called me up and told me what he had in mind. A man on a motorcycle. Easy enough. I wanted Jeri to design the art but I also wanted it to have a finished digital look to it. Above you can see the final sketch and the final digitized design.

‘formal tees’ Mon Aug 23 2010 12:31PM
Our good friends Bob and Roxie were married last weekend and their beautiful ceremony was a semi-formal outdoor event. A couple days prior Beavis and I were discussing whether we should wear pants or our dress shorts. Just then I realized this would be a excellent time to make and wear tuxedo shirts. I called Esteban immediately and he was totally down to make the artwork. He said it was ‘a dream come true’. To see some of the other amazing things that goes on in Estebans head check out his flickr and if you need a tux for your next semi-formal event just let us know.

‘summer fun shirts!’ Mon Aug 9 2010 7:27PM
The official SFSSSFC [summer fun show super secret fun club] t-shirts are now available!! If you havent been under a rock this summer, hopefully you were able to hear the show, attend a bbq that was playing the show, or were even interviewed. Go to contact and email me, call me or facebook me to let me know what size you need. We will be selling them Aug 20 at the Black Sparrow. Profits from sales go toward more and better equipment for the Summer Fun Show crew. ALSO – you are guaranteed to have summer fun the entire time you are wearing this shirt. Listen to the show HERE!!

‘west coast’ Mon Aug 9 2010 6:13PM
I was out in San Diego recently for the Johnny Rad Fest that my friend Tyrone puts on and was lucky enough to stay a couple extra days and hit up a couple clothing companies native to the area. First we stopped by Brixton. It was cool to see all the samples they had out for this years line and to see the computer mockups covering the walls for their fall 2011 line that they are already finishing up. Peter even hooked Tryone and I up with some free #swag!! Next we bounced over to Loser Machine. It was a pretty small warehouse manned by only three guys but they are pumping out some killer biker influenced apparel. All in all it was really cool to get a behind the scenes look at how companies go from design to finished product. Destroy the future.

‘Poppets/SS Tour’ Thurs July 8 2010 9:37PM
The Poppets [Sweden] are back in the States this summer and are getting ready to hit the road with Party City’s own Sweet Sixteens for the next 24 days. Scooter set us up with the Poppets we printed their tour shirts [which are a play off of Vision Street Wear] and the tour posters. Check our poster and shirt galleries for samples then catch them in a [party] city near you.

‘iNORML’ Mon June 28 2010 7:47PM
Just wanted to show off the new Indiana NORML shirts we printed recently. BIG thanks to Javin @ MadMen Creative for getting us set up with the job. These guys RULE! If you would like to purchase a shirt or learn more about Indiana NORML, check out their website

‘JET SKI BEACH’ Sun June 27 2010 2:22PM
New 2010 summer mixtape i just finished. Surfy and dirty, just the way we like it here in the humid Midwest. Jam this on your way to your favorite ocean or swimming pool. Gonna make a few tapes if anybody wants to trade or you can click here to download to your walkpod.

‘arrest the pope.’ Thurs May 7 2010 10:00AM
We printed shirts this week for a charity dealing with the unspoken and somehow controversial topic of sexual abuse. While the shirts feature the Pope as a figurehead, they benefit all victims of sexual abuse. For more info and to purchase a shirt visit[this site is full of links]. All profits go to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center. I’m grateful that we could offer our services to help expose such a terrible blemish to the history of human kind.

‘EAT THE RICH’ Tues Apr 27 2010 3:03PM
ITS BACK!! Just like i said it would be, and now in an appetizing new color way! Whether youre an amatuer hustler, a burger lover, or just a broke-ass with a solution to all the worlds problems, this shirt is perfect for you. Available NOW in our online store.

‘drunkerd spelling bee’ Mon Mar 1 2010 6:35pm
This saturday Black Sparrow hosts Lafayettes first ever drunken spelling bee. You prob wont see either Jeri or I participating but you have prob seen the posters Jeri made up for the event and the night of you will hear some sound bites that I recorded for the judges. Can you claim to be intelligent and compete? I guess we’ll just have to see.

‘drugs in the desert’ Tues Feb 23 2010 7:54PM
The Black Sparrow hosted an Acid Western themed costume party the day before Valentines Day. Needless to say this was probably one of the best parties of the year [Jeris b-day too!!]. The bar also featured art pieces created by everyone that wished to participate. Above are the two pieces that Jeri, TJ, and I submitted. Drop out.

A months worth of planning and work paid off last saturday night. We presented 5 of our favorite shirts from the past 5 years in limited quantities along with prints of photography by Dave Mason ISPhotographic and a hott modeling presentation. BIG thanx to dj Mondo, Kate Sweeney and Danielle Avery for hair and makeup, Velocity Sound Service for the lights, Peoples Brewing Company for the pilsner, Black Sparrow for the punch, DT Kirbys for the grub and everyone in Lafayette who supports Us, you are the BEST!!!!

‘HAT TRICK’ Wed Feb 17 2010 12:10AM
In keeping with the Winter Olympic spirit we would like to offer you the chance to get your hands on your own personal copy of HAT TRICK. This comic book by a friend of ours tells the story of Dick Gunn, the Canadian Icetronauts hockey player who wins the Stanley Cup and gets three girls pregnant all in one night. Sound interesting? Click here for a sample page. Now for sale in our store.

‘freelance aint free’ Thurs Feb 11 2010 8:32PM
Subliminal messages, word puns and catch phrases or just sheer shock factor. We all know what we think when noone is looking; we all know what we think when we get our hands on any advertisement Mineus has a say in: anything from panties to booze to scary animalistic ennuendos. Combine forces of the superpowers of Journal & Courier, the farceur/ pivit of the Black Sparrow, and the dexterous Mineus dyad, and what do you have? Something to ruminate about, finally.
Take a gander in your friendly TGIF issue every sunny friday afternoon and you’ll get it. Finally. Your frontal lobes are sure to be aroused.

‘still Lafing sneak peak’ Tues Feb 9 2010 10:20PM
heres a couple shots of the re-release shirts [individual pics soon].
-‘PARTY CITY’ [new],
-‘KIDS are bored’,
-‘Falcon’ [new color],
-‘Lafayette Yette’,
-‘Courthouse Bombs’,
These are all $20 and will only be available thru the end of the month. Check the store. Game on.

‘TV ghost leaves…again’ Tues Feb 9 2010 8:50PM
Just printed up some shirts for Television Ghost’s latest trip across the country. We did an invert of the ‘atomic rain’ 7″ cover design and the creepy ass img you see above [all designs by TV Ghost]. They are touring out to the left coast to record their second full length on ‘In The Red Records’ and then swinging thru Austin to play a few SXSW shows. Check the sounds and the dates on their myspace. If you want one of these shirts let me know…TONITE.

‘Black Sparrow turns 2′ Sat Jan 16 2010 3:52PM
Paul came to us with a great idea to celebrate the 2 year anniversary of his bar, The Black Sparrow. He wanted a dozen shirts of each bartenders face. We knew it was going to be a lot of work, from design to set-up and printing, along with planning a party to go along with the release but we also knew it would be a very fun job to work on. I finished printing right about when the party was supposed to start and when i got to the bar i couldnt wait to show everyone. The shirts were a suprise though so Paul went upstairs and put on one of the Pat shirts. Then one by one the bartenders went and put on shirts of their co-workers faces. Lots of laughs followed and the party stretched late into the night. Paul even made some burnt-up quesadillas for everyone that stuck around til close. It was a cool event to be a part of.

‘FMMF’ Tues Jan 5 2010 3:29PM
WOW! Its a new year. The holidays flew by and I havent posted a single job we did the entire time. Lets start with Fredericks Martinez, you know, the band ripping up Lafayette and playing all the big showz. After a Black Friday mishap [UPS doesnt run!?] we finally printed off some killer custom art of a bullrider that Jeri drew up from a photo that Greggy shot at El Rodeo. And if those shirts didnt impress you, Jeri hand painted the same artwork on Gregs huge bassdrum. Check the tunes.

‘SNEBTOR’ Mon Nov 30 2009 5:07PM
I wanted to give a shout to my buddy Esteban Garcia, who helped me get this site up and running, and show a little bit of what he’s been up to these days. He’s been working on these platonic shape costumes and video tracking software that attaches animation loops to video in real time. First interactive gallery is going to be held in mid-January at the West Lafayette Public Library so keep your eyes open for more info. Check out all of Estebans work at

‘MINE-US TV’ Tues Nov 24 2009 9:12PM
So Greg called me a few weeks back and told me that one of our prints was on MTV!?! Turns out the show ‘World’s Strictest Parents’ filmed an episode in Bloomington and the kid on the show was wearing an Amused Skate hoodie that we printed. I have been scouring the innernets trying to find a clip of this episode or even a screen-shot with no luck. If anyone knows of one, send a link my way! This artwork is old. Its SO old that i dont even have the original file and it looks like i made the skateboard the same day i found out about the magic wand in photoshop! This is a scan of the original transparency. [the color fill had water spilled on it and is lost forever] Anyways, there are tons of these prints all over [thanks BOB!!] and there was even a run of stickers done of it which i have seen in the strangest places across the state. This is where im supposed to put the link to Amused’s website.. Amused Clothing 316.5 State St. W. Lafayette IN.

‘clams across the nation’ Fri Nov 20 2009 5:13PM
‘Shannon and the Clams’, from Oakland CA, have been playing shows across the country all month in support of their new LP ‘I wanna go home’ on 1234 Go Records. Can’t wait to get a copy of this. It is full of hits! We were lucky enough to get to print their tour shirts last month. [the hair pattern is strangely similar to mine, words and all!!] my band, ‘The Boy Toys’, and ‘The Half Rats’ will be opening for them tonight at The Black Sparrow. Show should start around 11PM. You’ll probably be hearing buzz about this band in the near future so dont be a dummy and miss them in your home town!

‘hangin around’ Wed Nov 18 2009 4:47PM
Heres the cover we printed for ‘the Perennials’ debut 7″ on Covert Pop about 2 months ago. A-side ‘Hanging Around’ / B-side ‘Silly Love’. Artwork by Snebtor. Speedball ink on card-stock. Simple songs with HEAVY lyrics. These songs live in the deepest depths of the human heart. Check out the Perennials myspace for more tunes and pick up a copy for $6ppd from Covert Pop at

‘burnt to lose’ Wed Nov 18 2009 3:48PM
We’re making a screen for Marks [We Are Hex, Blackheat] new band ‘Burnt Ones’. He’s gonna print his own shirts because he’s just that cool. BUT I wanted to let you all know that ‘Burnt Ones’ will be playing the Vollrath in Indy w/ Private Dancer + the Perennials!!! + Vacation Club on Dec 12 at 9:00PM. I want to go and so should you so you can give me a ride. Burnt Ones Dec12th info on facebook. speaking of ‘the Perennials’?!?

‘whats up.’ Wed Nov 18 2009 3:20PM
We have a website..FINALLY. I know you all were like ‘what the hell is wrong with Aaron?? He’s so lazy!! Why doesnt he just make a website already???? I hear he sleeps all day and only uses the internet to youface and myporn.’ Well here it is. BUT theres still a lot to be done, I know. The ‘News’ tab is gonna be my blog showing just how deep we are getting into everything that you only hear about. Im also working on paypal buttons for the ‘Store’, organizing 4 years of art for the ‘Work’ galleries, taking pictures for the ‘Samples’ gallery, and hopefully integrating wordpress into this blog, so check back often..and remember ‘if you look good, we look good.’