The Tattooed Heart

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The Tattooed Heart

Bad News Bears colorway for Love Handle

Love Handle raglans

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Love Handle raglans

tanks for Paper Dreams with imprinted tags

cover prints for a German Army cassette/t-shirt release

New Instagram, Same Name

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I made a new Instagram for auto-posting photos of my latest prints. bear with me while I test my wordpress integration.

Popular Ego

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Sarah and I made the trip to Indianapolis yesterday to have brunch at Milktooth in the Fountain Square neighborhood. The food was excellent and the experience was very unique and memorable. We had a few cocktails, some coffee drinks, tried the Long Island iced coffee, had oysters for the first time, ate the thickest cut of bacon I have ever seen and topped it off with the city ham pancake and uova al forno, with the grilled sausage of course.
Big thanks to Jordan and Elizabeth for treating us so well while we were there and for letting us try all the different desserts and drinks. I really enjoyed seeing the strong community vibe going on in the restaurant and seeing how excited and proud everyone working there is of the food and overall presentation.
The head chef and owner, Jonathon Brooks, was chosen as one of the Best New Chefs of 2015 by Food & Wine Magazine. Here he is wearing the foil shirt I printed in his shoot for the article. The full story will be featured in the July issue of F&W.

I’ve been developing techniques for full garment printing over the last year. Here are a couple of the designs I released. Look for a more steady release schedule as I refine the process further. To shop the collection go or click on any of the photos.